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Greenkeeping, for many years considered an art, has evolved into a science. Newly constructed golf courses are built to exacting specifications based on accepted scientific knowledge and demand that maintenance be conducted along the same lines. The chemistry of root zone materials dictates the exact amount of primary nutrients required to sustain health growth and the physical characteristics of the materials used have a huge bearing on subsequent irrigation requirements.

To meet the demand created by the golfing industry many products have come on the market and all purport to meet the every need of the greenkeeper. Company representatives are well versed both in selling techniques and the advantages of using their products. Whereas there are some very good products on the market, there are others that are of little use to the greenkeeper, In other cases routine materials are given a brand name and thus marketed in a manner that allows huge profits to be made by the vendor. Is it any wonder that greenkeepers can become confused. All greenkeepers require advice, at one time or another, on the more technical aspects of their profession. Declan Branigan Design, through the expertise of it's principal, offer a consultancy service that takes the guesswork out of the technical arena. Fertiliser programs based on the results of soil analysis will be formalised together with rates and times of application. Furthermore, a comprehensive list of materials together with cost effectiveness will be supplied.

Disease prevention and eradication, weed and pest control are other matters that can often cause problems either as regards effectiveness or cost of control. Again Declan Branigan Design are well equipped to advise on all of these matters. Machinery reports are available thus allowing clients to budget for future purchases, and advice on routine maintenance of machinery often means savings down the line.

Cutting heights, summer and winter, verti-cutting, aeration etc. are part and parcel of good greenkeeping. However they are often taken for granted. Regular course visits will ensure that the more mundane aspects of greenkeeping are not allowed to drift.

The consultancy service offered by Declan Branigan Design is all enhancing and has led to major improvements in both course presentation and quality of surfaces at all courses already availing of this service.